Blackjack How do You Play

blackjack logoBlackjack is so easy that everyone can learn how to play.  It is a great way to teach counting and adding using one pack of cards and pennies as tokens.

In casinos, the game is played with more than one deck to keep gamblers from memorizing what has been played already. Each card is given a point value. Kings, queens, and jacks are worth ten points; all of the others are worth their face value.  An ace can be one point or 11 depending on what the player needs.

The player wants the cards in his hand to total as close to 21 points as possible without going over.  The player may choose how many cards he will draw and he can say whether the aces are going to count for one or ten points.  In addition, the player doesn’t have to compete against anyone else but the dealer.  In casinos, a Blackjack table is a semi-circle so that everyone faces the dealer – their only opponent.

To begin, you get two cards and the dealer gets the same.  For both of you, one is face up and the other is face down.  For the rest of the game, all of the cards will be dealt face up.

Let’s play a fictitious game. Maybe you get a six of hearts and a seven of clubs to start.  In Blackjack, it doesn’t matter what the suit is, you are only looking at the point value of each card.  Your hand, so far, equals 13 points – a long way from 21.  Chances are good that the dealer has a better hand than that.  The best course is to draw another card.  Thirty-two cards out of a 52 card deck are worth 8 points or less, so you have a better than 50% chance of staying under 21 points.

You tap the table, telling the dealer to give you another card.  It’s an ace.  You certainly don’t want it to be worth 11 points.  That turns your six, seven, and ace-worth-11 into a losing 24 point hand. However, an ace worth only one point leaves you with only 14 points.  In most casinos the dealer must take another card if his hand is less than 17 points.  He must stand (that means, “not draw another card”) if his hand is 17 or over.  Your dealer stands.  His hand is worth 17 points or more.  You know he hasn’t gone over 21 points because there is no way to do that with just two cards.  You must draw another card.  It is a ten; you have gone over 21 points and lost the hand.  You turn your hole card over to show what you have.

The dealer doesn’t have to show you his hand since you went bust, but he turns it over anyway to show the other people at the table that he has a jack and a 10 – 20 points.  Someone else at the table has an ace and a ten.  He doesn’t say a word about what the value of the ace will be.  The dealer knows that the player intends for it to be an 11.  The dealer pays that player.  Another player has a hand that totals 20 points, the same as the dealer.  That player gets his bet back but doesn’t get anything else.  The dealer then collects from everyone else at the table.  Their hands are either “bust” at over 21 points or worth less than his.  It is time for you to pony up another bet and start again.  See how easy this game is.

Characteristics of Classic Blackjack

Blackjack table at casinoThe first thing that you will experience with the online platform is the graphics and sounds of the game. Integration of these two features was in such a way that the player felt the game was   in a real casino. To start with, there is an un-exaggerated but deliberate sound replicating the sound you hear when a dealer slides cards out of a shoe. You can easily see the hand commands on your screen, which makes playing the game easy. The animation is superb, and most of the sound tracks played are abundant. Playing Blackjack in such an environment is extremely satisfying.

The speed of the game is determined by the system that you are using to play. You may find the speed being extremely slow if you have a slow system. To make sure that the game moves properly, you will need to make sure that you have enough memory and a broadband internet connection.

Another game feature is the AutoPlay button which is not accessible in the practice mode. This button gives you the opportunity to re-bet. This means that you can put the same bet over and over again when you click the button. In some cases, you can be able to choose the sounds that will be playing in the background as you play your game. This effect enhances a person’s preferences when they are playing Blackjack.

There are people who happen to be no nonsense. If you are such a person and you need to have a solid, good, straight-ahead game, this game will be more to your liking. There are other games with options you can choose. These games can be found on any online based casino games platform. It is prudent to know the rules of any game before you start playing. Different platforms have different rules and game plays. All in all, Blackjack is a game that can be enjoyed by most people.